signs of overwatering trees

Signs You Have An Overwatered Tree

Overwatering Signs

If you see that the area around the base of the tree is constantly wet, you most likely have an overwatered tree. Check out the new growth around the bottom of the tree as a positive indicator of this too. If new growth weakens before it’s completely grown or becomes light green or yellow, there’s too much water being used.

Also, carefully watch the leaves. They may appear to be healthy, vibrant, and green, but if they are fragile and tear easily, they are suffering from too much water. Are the shoots wilted? You have an overwatered tree.

How to Save and Repair An Overwatered Tree

When a tree is overwatered, it is fighting to breathe since the excess water takes over the air pockets. This makes an issue because the tree’s roots aren’t getting enough oxygen, but way too much water. This leads to long-term tree stress, fungi, or root rot.

If you believe that your tree is overwatered, stop watering it for the moment. After about a week, depending on the seriousness of the accumulated water, just let it dry out. Before you water it again, do a screwdriver test, only watering it where it is needed. If you don’t know about the screwdriver test, ask a tree contractor to come and assist you with getting your tree back its healthy.

If you discover that the soil beneath your tree is nothing but clay, mix in some compost to aid the soil is draining. Be sure to examine your trees after it rains to see where and if the water is pooling. Inspect to see if the water is running down a hill, gathering at the bottom of the tree, or if a rain spout is draining near the tree.

Over-watered trees show various symptoms, like brittle leaves or leave that change colors, curl up, or prematurely fall off. If your tree displays any of these indicators, try some techniques mentioned here to reverse the damage.

While you should follow the recommendations a nursery provides you for watering your new tree, specific factors like damp weather or wet soil will require you to adjust your routine.

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