Stumps are an unsightly and dangerous product of tree removal that needs to be taken care of quickly. Call us today to request information about our Stump Removal Service in Rochester, NY.

Our Rochester Tree Company Specializes in Stump Grinding and Removal Services

If you have an above ground stump that is causing issues in your yard or is just plain ugly, the experts at Rochester Tree Service can help.

Our professional stump grinding and stump removal service in Rochester are exactly what you need.

Stump Grinding and Removal Options

We have multiple service options for your stump removal, including:

Full Clean-Up Service

This is the biggest package, and it includes completely removing the stump, as well as a full-service clean up after. This option includes us either hauling away the grindings or using them to make a mulch for your yard. We will also fill in the hole where the stump was and level it out.

Partial Clean-Up

This option removes the stump completely, and places the grindings into the hole where the stump used to be. This is the best option if you aren’t really worried about the aesthetics of your yard, as it will be slightly un-level and will not grow grass for quite some time.

No Clean-Up

This option leaves you with no clean up on our part. We simply remove the stump and you will be responsible for all clean up afterward.

Root Removal

Tree roots naturally seek out moisture, which means that they often start reaching for plumbing systems, causing damage. We always aim to provide ‘green’ and clean solutions for your property. However, if you would like, we can add a chemical to the roots left after we remove the stump to kill them and protect you and your property from damage

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Stump Removal Service in Rochester
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