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Tree Pruning is an important part of ensuring your tree's health in the Rochester area. Give us a call today so we can give you a free quote today.

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Professional Tree Trimming and Pruning Service in Rochester NY

Tree pruning is a very necessary part of tree care and needs to be done properly. At Rochester Tree Service, we are trained in the guidelines of tree pruning that have been established by the ISA after many years of dedicated research. We are the top experts in our field in the area.

Rochester Tree Pruning
Rochester Tree Pruning

Professional Tree Pruning Services

Our trimming and pruning techniques include, but are not limited to:
Removing too much from a tree, especially a mature tree, can cause a great deal of issues for the tree. It is very important to not remove more than 20-30% of your tree per year when pruning.
Rochester Tree Pruning

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The experts at Rochester Tree Service know exactly how to trim and prune your tree the correct way, and we can take care of it safely and effectively.

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