Rochester Tree Cutting Service Near Me

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Rochester Tree Cutting Service Near Me

At Rochester Tree Service, we are well aware of how much of an impact trees play in our environment. They not only enhance our landscape, but also improve our quality of life by improving the quality of our environment. That’s why we take our tree cutting service near me seriously.

We also know that while trees have many advantages, sometimes they need to be removed for a variety of reasons, such as rotting, safety threats, appearance purposes, or simply because they are too large or too small. Our locally owned and operated Rochester tree company can handle your tree cutting and removal service needs safely and efficiently.

Best Tree Cutting Service Near Me

Removing a tree is a task best left to professionals because we have the equipment and the skill set needed to handle the task. We will begin by cutting your tree down to a manageable size. One of our skilled technicians will climb your tree using a series of ropes and harnesses for safety.

He will then remove your tree limbs, one by one, starting at the top and working his way down. Each branch will be dropped down to the ground in a safe and secured way.

Tree cutting service near me

Safe and Effective Tree Cutting Process

Our local tree company will take care to ensure that all of your structures are safe during this time. The limbs surrounding your structures will be lowered one by one to the ground, and they will be stored in a safe place away from the structure.

After the branches are removed, the tree cutting crew will then remove the trunk up to that point, and safely lower it to the ground. This allows for a safe removal of the tree. Cranes are sometimes needed to remove the tree properly and safely.

After all of the tree has been removed, the limbs will pass through our wood chipper. The chips are either taken with us, or you can keep them to use as mulch on your property. The choice is entirely up to you. The tree sections will also be cut into firewood, which you may choose to keep or have us remove for you.

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Tree cutting service near me