How to Handle Emergency Tree Services After a Storm in Rochester, NY

How to Handle Emergency Tree Services After a Storm in Rochester, NY

Talking about Rochester, NY, means talking about the coldest winter storms. Intense wind storms hit the city, taking unwanted places all over the house sidings. Remarkably, the trees tend to fall or rip over the ground due to extreme wind jog creating dangerous possibilities.

Fallen trees or broken branches on roads, cars, or houses are a common post-storm scenario though. Many people get hyped about the situation and give unthinking-response. Alert for all, do not panic or try to remove the tree or broken branches. Patiently take action so the case remains under control.

Ice storms or intense wind storms hit strong enough to cause significant damage to trees. Sometimes branches break off, trunk splits or trees rip off the ground. These cases harm a tree in many different ways. Tree services in Rochester are urgently necessary to know the condition and treat trees accordingly.

How to Handle Emergency Tree Services After a Storm in Rochester, NY

Inspect the damaged area

Don’t take any action without inspecting the damaged area first. There can be people under the tree or inside the stuck car. Sometimes gas or electric lines may be affected too. That’s why it’s necessary to inspect the area, know the scale of damage and take action accordingly.

Consult arborists

  • You may observe your damaged tree in different positions. But only an arborist can tell you the number of wounds in your tree. Like whether the damage is minor, needs care for slow repair, or is soon to die.

Consulting arborists is a significant task in handling such emergency tree services after a storm. For example-

  1. The damaged tree may still have strong limbs that can increase its life span. So remove the broken stem as a matured shade tree can still survive. An arborist will guide you to keep a healthy tree and care the minor damage.
  2. As a homeowner, you may have the temptation to remove the tree closer to your house. Or heavily prune the tree that’s bent towards any of your property. A common suggestion arborists will give is to take it easy. Tables may turn, and the tree may grow healthy in such conditions too. 

Final call

  • Some trees get hugely damaged in the tragedy. Either lose lots of leaves or limbs or bend more than usual. Professional arborists suggest removing the tree before it dies. Sometimes considering the points mentioned above (1&2), people delay the process and face the worst aftermath.

However, some trees rip off the ground causing vast loss and blocking the roads. Take emergency help from tree services and ask to remove the tree immediately. 

Trees are the most significant support to the environment when a storm strikes. As environment-friendly trees take a toll on themselves during storms, their damage is bothersome. The effect on trees may either be severe or mild. The restoration process may have many complications. The spreading of diseases from the diseased trees is also a concern. Seeking emergency tree services is thus essential.

However, you try to restore the injured tree yourself when the tree is on your lawn. Avoid doing that if you lack lawn care experience.

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