Rochester Tree Crowning Services

Large, overgrown trees are never a good thing to see on your property. We can handle that! Rochester Tree Service is an expert at tree crowning and is prepared to make your trees look beautiful. Call us for your Rochester Tree Crowning Services.

Our Rochester Tree Care Company Offers Safe and Effective Tree Crown Reduction

If you have a large or overgrown tree on your property, give the experts at Rochester Tree Service a call! We are tree crowning experts, and can help you get your tree in tip top shape.

Crown Reduction Services

Tree crown reduction is the only correct way to shorten a tree. We will begin by pruning your tree, and removing any branches that pose a problem, or just shorten the branches as needed. The ultimate goal is to be sure that your tree has a natural appearance, and ensure that it will grow with its proper structure.

Tree crowning services can only reduce your tree by 25-30% during a single year. So it may take a bit longer to get your tree down to the size that you need if you would like for it to be smaller than that. However, this is the best way to reduce your tree, as it will not cause undue stress on the tree or open it up to parasites and fungus.

Negative Effects of Tree Topping

Many times, a person will have their tree topped instead of crowned. This can cause a variety of issues for your tree, including:

Best Tree Care Company in Rochester NY!

By hiring Rochester Tree Service, you can be sure that we will properly crown your tree instead of top it, ensuring that your tree will be taken care of correctly.

For more information on our tree crowning services, give us a call at 585-471-6559. Or fill out our form and we will happily call you back as soon as possible.